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 All jiu jitsu rules and grappling rules set forth for competition are designed with the health and safety of the jiu jitsu and grappling competitors. Please read carefully and understand these rules before participating in competition.

IMPORTANT!  Each competitor only gets ONE CHANCE to make weight for their division, so please double check your registration before you hit the submit button to be sure you signed up for the correct division. Also, you will have an opportunity to check your registration information on the Competitors List page and e-mail us with any corrections


General Rules Regarding Health, and Hygiene

General Cleanliness – All athletes must come to the event clean, well bathed and with trimmed toe and fingernails with no offensive odors.  Also feet must be covered at all times while not on mats.  Non compliance may result in disqualification and NO REFUND will be issued.

Infectious Diseases – Competitors with any of the following infectious diseases will NOT be allowed to compete: herpes (cold sores), fungal infections (ringworm), any form of staph, viral or other bacterial infections. To avoid embarrassing situations it is advised that you police yourself and your teammates.

Uniforms and Clothing – Must be clean, in good repair, and free from any offensive odors. Athletes should wash all uniforms and clothing that is to be worn at the event.

Long Hair – Athletes with long hair must keep their hair from interfering with their opponent or themselves during the match.

General Rules Regarding Gi Clothing

Gis must be constructed of cotton or similar material and in good condition. The material may not be excessively thick or hard to the point where it will obstruct the opponent.

Athletes are not permitted to compete with torn kimonos, sleeves or pants that are not of proper length.

No T-Shirts or rash guards are to be worn underneath the kimono except in female divisions, some exceptions may be made on individual basis.
No gi divisions do not need to wear rash guards in the color of their belt level but it is encouraged.   However,  rash guards must be tasteful.  They can be plain, have the academy or team on them, or be otherwise benign.  Our tournaments are family events.  Rash guards with offensive imagery, curse words, political or otherwise controversial printing are prohibited. 

Weight Classes/Divisions

Click HERE for divisions.

Note: If you are the only one registered in your division we have the follow options.

1) You will be offered to move up one division.
2) For the master you can compete in the adults division.
3) If we can not find a division for you we will gladly refund you, you can compete in the absolute for FREE if absolute is applicable for your division.


  • In all categories the central referee has the authority to stop a match when either of the competitors is in danger of serious bodily harm as a result of a submission and award the victory to competitor applying the submission.
  • Cervical locks or neck cranks are not allowed in any category.
  • Athletes under 18 (Juveniles) and white belts are not allowed to compete in the open class.
  • Wrestling shoes or any type of shoes, head gear, shirts under the gi (except for girls) and any kind of protectors that can alter the outcome of the match in any way are not allowed in competition.
  • In children divisions between 5-15 years, when a competitor is executing a triangle and the opponent stands up it is the referees obligation to stand in a position to protect both athletes, specifically to reduce the risk of cervical damage.
  • SLAMS ARE NEVER ALLOWED in any age bracket.

 ***The Buffalo Classic follows all rules of IBJJF except for more allowances in the kids’ divisions.  
Please visit this link for the most updated rules and illegal techniques:


5,6 years               2 min
7,8 years               3 min
9,10 years               3 min
11,12 years               4 min
13,14,15 years               4 min
16, 17 5 min
White Belt 5 min
Blue Belt 6 min
Purple Belt 7 min
Brown/Black Belt 10min
Black Belt 10min
Women Purple/Brown/Black Belt 8 min

Please visit the IBJJF website For more rules:

Or for a video tutorial of the rules to help you or your school understand better: