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Our tournaments take place outside under the Olympic hockey pavilion Buffalo RiverWorks, located in downtown Buffalo’s inner harbor at 359 Ganson Street Buffalo, NY 14203.

All schools are welcome to participate.  We use the best tournament managers and trained IBJJF refs from the northeast to ensure a fair, professional tournament.  A portion of the proceeds will again go to benefit Vector BJJ – a nonprofit community youth development program.

All belt levels in the Kids, Youth, Teen, Junior, Adult, Master (30 +) age categories will compete. Blackbelts compete for free. Registrations will only be online.  They will open in April and will close several days prior (TBA) or when full capacity is reached.



We will have all weight divisions for Juniors , Adults, and Masters and ALL belts (White , Blue , Purple , Brown/Black combined for males Purple/Brown/Black combined for females)


We will have all weight divisions for Juniors, Adults, and Masters  and 2 skill levels (Novice and Pro) . We will not accept color belts in the novice division. This division is for white belts ONLY. Also if you have more than 2 years experience in any other grappling sport you should register in the Pro division.


We will have ALL kids age from 5 to 15 and they will compete with the GI ONLY.


– You must check your registration information on our website / Facebook page on the registration check day. Make sure that all the information is correct. If there are any issues contact us immediately.

– Check your brackets at our website on the brackets release day.

– Make sure to have a clean gi or a no gi uniform in proper condition according to IBJJF rules.

– Make sure to bring a picture ID to the event.

– The athletes must keep the kimono and belt tied to the waist at all times while in the waiting or competition area.

– The referee makes the final decision and will not tolerate any complaints or make changes to the decision

– The athletes are not allowed to jump over the fences/barricades in the competition area.

– Make sure to get to the event at least 45 minutes prior to your bracket schedule. You should be warmed up by the time your bracket is called.

– Make sure to listen to the division calls on the PA System.

– At the designated time, go to the warm up area, wearing your GI and with a picture ID.

– Be respectful to the staff, officials other athletes and coaches. In turn they will show you the same courtesy.

– Be respectful to the referees, showing consideration and appreciation for the performance of his or her duties.

– Any disputes regarding matches are to be settled by the Referee. All decision by the Referee will be final.

– Please maintain your belongings. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items

More Rules:  Please visit our RULES page